Future Streets Design

Future Streets Design

Our deep learning algorithm will change the face of streets around the world. We map streets for potential multimodal transportation improvements faster and cheaper than anything else in the market. The future of community streets is multimodal.

The future of street design is here.

About Us

Our Process

We use robust data, satellite images, and a deep learning algorithm to find streets that can be made ‘multimodal-friendly.’

Not only is our process faster and cheaper than anything else on the market, our recommendations are for ‘paint-only’ projects – making them the most cost-effective improvements for our partners.

Cities, communities, and campuses can update existing streets to include paths for personal transportation like bikes, scooters, and skateboards, all without disrupting motor vehicles.

This makes streets safer and more accessible. It’s been shown to shorten travel times, increase local business, and contribute to a greener and more equitable community.


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