Future Streets Design Forms Partnership with City of Tuscaloosa

Future Streets Design has formed its inaugural partnership with the City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

“We’re very excited about the prospect of expanding low-cost bicycle infrastructure for our city.” – Ashley Crites, City of Tuscaloosa Director of Planning.

This partnership will help Future Streets Design test its technology in a real world setting, and provide clear recommendations for bicycle infrastructure improvements for the City of Tuscaloosa.

“This is a very important partnership for Future Streets Design. Tuscaloosa is our home town. To have the opportunity to improve the city we live in while we build a global technology product is fantastic. We’re thinking global, and acting local. But we hope to act global, too, once we’ve proved the technology works.” – Eric Courchesne, Future Streets Design Co-CEO.

Future Streets Design will review street widths, speeds, bicycle ridership patterns, socio-economic data, and more, and provide the City of Tuscaloosa with paint-only projects to add to the existing bicycle network, making it more robust, and equitable.

Contact us for more information.

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